How To and Troubleshooting Your Secret Whiteboard

Whenever possible: Drill and Mount Secret Whiteboard into Wood Studs for your safety and the boards. 


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Troubleshooting When Secret Whiteboard Won't Stay Open Flat

Sometimes some slight adjustments are needed for our Secret Whiteboard to work correctly. If not adjusted or remounted, the board can have trouble laying flat against the wall when open. 
This is usually because of wall texture or that we did not mount it at an angle to encourage it to stay open.

The best way to avoid board issues is to mount it correctly with a slight tilt towards the open direction. See video above.


Adjust the depth of the wall screws.

Some walls have a bit of texture and if the screws are too tight will cause the swinging face of the board to "bounce" back and not lie flat.
Try unscrewing them a tiny bit and remounting the board to see if that helps. If it improves the situation, keep adjusting until resolved.


Sometimes the angle that we drill the screws in causes a natural slant towards the closed position which makes it hard for the board to stay open.

Adjust the screws so there is a tiny slant to the board

So that the board leans (ever so slightly) towards the open direction - enough to encourage it to stay open, but small enough that it is not visible to the eye.

A) Adjusting the screw angles

If the screws are installed into studs, you can slightly adjust the angle of the screws without removing them by tapping on them with a hammer ever so gently to adjust their angle (top screw towards board open direction, bottom screw away from open direction). 
Note for Drywall- adjusting the screws if you used drywall anchors can weaken the anchor point - not recommended.

B) Re-drill the mounting screws in a fresh location

(above or below the existing spot) if the other methods above are not viable.
-Making sure to follow the slant method in the video.

Instruction Manual and template (included in with every board)

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