Artists Welcome - Sell art on Sable Flow - How it works

Thank you for your interest in getting your art in front of our audience, on our store, and into Secret Whiteboards. 

Why Partner With US?

Increased Exposure and revenue:

Our community is constantly asking for more new art and is eager to refresh their decor on a regular basis.

We promote your art to new customers and old ones through our site, socials and email.

We take care of everything

We handle printing, fulfillment and customer service.

Print quality as a priority.

We vetted many different printing programs that linked to our site and rejected many. We print on 

Paper and Printing

We use a 200gsm premium quality heavyweight fine art print material with a smooth, clean finish. This museum-quality paper is extremely consistent and works perfectly with large, full color graphics or illustrations. The matte finish emphasizes different highlights and tones in the source artworks; helping to create stunning works of art.

Giclée Printing Method

Eco Properties
water based ink icon
Water-based Ink
 Sustainably sourced icon
Sustainably sourced paper or wood

Local Fulfillment

Local fulfillment

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Packaging of Prints:

All shipments are packed in rigid spiral-wound cardboard tubes. - Strong and crush-resistant spiral-wound square cardboard tubes depending on customer location.

First Step: Lets figure out what pieces to add to work on.

Send your Potential Art Pieces for this initial partnership to (thumbnails, screenshots etc. with titles for easy reference).

What is the Secret Whiteboard:

An Art/Poster frame that hides a magnetic whiteboard inside. Customers can slide out the included art for a new piece, like your own, to customize their space.

The Goal:

  • To get your art into our customer's Secret Whiteboards and to get you $$$ in the process. To Leverage each other's audiences to tap new potential customers for both.

Process and Payment overview:

  • We collect your image files
  • set them up for 300 dpi fine-art prints on demand on our site along with an artist profile
  • We market your art to our email list and social accounts.
  • You get licensing revenue on every sale. Payments made monthly.

What you Get: 

  1. Licensing revenue on all revenue from sale of your work 7%
  2. Exposure and links to your accounts
  3. Wholesale Pricing on Secret Whiteboards that you can use for content posts.
  4. Affiliate revenue for all sales on Secret Whiteboards the come from your links/codes (tracked through Share-A-Sale or Amazon).

Next Steps:

  • Art Selection: Send thumbnails or references to the pieces you would like to have on our site (with titles for reference) - Send to
  • Sign Licensing Contract for the approved pieces: 
  • Onboarding:
    • Fill out 5 - 10 minute interview form
    • Upload High Resolution Files (3+ pieces) to Google Drive
    • (Optional - preferred) Order, with large discount, a Secret Whiteboard of your own to enjoy and make content with
  • Marketing:
    • Generate 2 social posts + 2 Stories (but we can generate a mock up for you if you would like)
    • Add a link to your art on our site on your social and if you have a blog section, on your site, there as well

First Step:

Send your Potential Art Pieces for this initial partnership to (thumbnails, screenshots etc. with titles for easy reference).

    YES. The included art slides out to easily swap to your own art.

    • No, we will take care of that for you to fit our frame sizes
    • We give our prints a standard 3/4in border white for smalls and 1 in border for Medium and Large. Our frames overlap inserted prints by roughly 1/4in
    • No. We do not pay anything upfront and with Print on Demand, there is no inventory requirement
    • We ask for 2 social media posts from you about our partnership featuring the board so we would like to get you a board to use yourself. As well as a couple of links to our site. We have affiliate programs so that you get revenue on your traffic that buys whiteboards as well. 

    We prefer if you can provide a few exclusive files for our work together.

    • We prefer it because it removes the inventory requirements from both sides and as we get more customers and traffic, so will your sales. 
    • We are open to other options - please let us know if you require an alternative solution

    Our standard term is 3 years

    • We utilize Prodigi’s platform for our prints (after testing many providers)
    • We use their giclée printing Fine art print (200gsm). A museum-quality fine art print paper with a textured, matt finish.
    • Our lowest art prices are below but we are open to experimenting with pricing for your work to find a sweet spot for it
    • Small: 12x18” – $30
    • Medium: 18x24” – $35
    • Large: 20x30” – $40