How to Find a Handyman to mount my Secret Whiteboard Frame on my wall?

How to Find a Handyman to mount my Secret Whiteboard Frame on my wall?

Getting your secret whiteboard mounted right is crucial. Obviously so you can use it, but also to ensure its safety and longevity. You can 100% do it yourself, with our step by step instructions, but sometimes you want to leave it to a professional.

Finding the right handyman to do this for you can be frustrating and confusing if you have never done so before or recently moved to a new area. 

We have compiled a list of options for you and a few tips to help you quickly find and confidently hire a handyman to mount your Secret Whiteboard and help you out with other tasks around the house.

Where to find Handymen

Task Rabbit

One of the easiest apps and largest list of “taskers” is Task Rabbit. The search is super easy to use and prices tend to be reasonable. You can get help with almost anything on there. With so many affordable helpers across the US, it's no surprise that they were recently acquired by IKEA. If they trust taskers to build their complicated products, mounting a Secret Whiteboard is a piece of cake by comparison.
-A great option for app comfortable users.
-Generally gig based
-Affordable, fast response.
-Con: Many “Taskers” are amateurs who do this work on the side, similar to an Uber or Lyft driver. Anyone with positive reviews is worth taking serious, but just worth noting that they are not necessarily licensed professionals.


A trusted company that has worked to bring all aspects of getting your home set up in one place, many skilled handymen can be found here as well as some additional decor if you need to finish up the room you are working on.


Similar to Task Rabbit. One of the fastest growing networks of home services.
The majority are professionals with home renovation and handyman businesses so you can generally hire with trust that the work will be done well.
-Con: As professionals the prices are on the higher per-hour basis.


One of the longest standing directories of businesses on the web. 
Success can be widely different based on your location. Some areas have many more handyman listing than others.

Try the “Request a Quote” Feature to have Yelp gather quotes from multiple contractors with just a couple clicks. Here's how:

  • Search for a handyman in your area, on a listing you will see a button that looks like this:
  • Yelp Request a Quote Button
  • Click there and fill in your requirements 
  • What kind of work do you need done? “Installation”
  • What do you need installed? “Wall hangings”
  • In the notes section, use the template at the bottom of this post.
  • Give your zip code
  • Optional : Add a photo of the wall you want it mounted on.
  • Make sure you select this option before submitting, so your request goes out to multiple contractors in your area.Yelp Get More Quotes
  • Yelp will then collect quotes for you in your Yelp inbox. 

Tip: if any of the contractors just send you a standard reply without having read your request, simply copy the template back into your conversation with them.

Ask a neighbor

One of the best ways to find any contractor, handyman, service person, is by asking your local network. Give a shout out to your friends and neighbors in your area and see if they have any recommendations for specific handyman services.


Look at multiple platforms.

Depending on your area, there may be more options on one platform or another, so its worth a quick check on a couple sites to see where you can find a bunch of them.

    Using the right keywords in your search:

    Try a few searches with keywords like “handyman”, “Art Installation”, “Wall Mount Installation Services”. Different contractors list different specialties, but any contractor who can confidently mount Art or a TV on a wall, can easily take care of your Secret Whiteboard. Just send them the quote request template below.

      Gather 2-3 quotes

      Whenever you are hiring a new trade this is a best practice so you have something to compare against. Also, not everyone will respond or be available. The platforms we noted make it easy to ping many contractors at once, so feel free to reach out to a bunch.

      Look for positive reviews

      Try to work with contractors who have at least a few positive reviews from happy customers. Shows they know what they are doing and can be trusted.

      Outreach Template:

      Use a simple template that summarizes your request. this saves you time rewriting your request to a bunch of people 

      Feel free to use this one:

      Hello I am looking for a handyman to help mount a Secret Whiteboard in my space. Here is a link to the instructions and How-To video for it:  
      They mention that it is safest to drill it into studs, and there are wood screws included with the board. Could you please provide me a quote for this and your availability? Thank you!
      Hiring a contractor to mount your Secret Whiteboard is easy, and is also good practice for hiring and managing contractors. A valuable skill for anyone. 
      Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We're here to help you make the most of your space.

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