Do whiteboards help learning?

Do whiteboards help learning?


Do whiteboards help learning?

Since before the dawn of the digital revolution whiteboards have been helping people brainstorm, share new ideas, increase engagement, and improve the flow of communication. Whether in a classroom or workspace, whiteboards serve as a blank canvas on which many people can contribute, communicate, and collaborate at the same time to create something truly unique.

However, some people today argue that technology has made whiteboards obsolete.

Is this true?

What does the research tell us about the effectiveness of whiteboards in learning and communication?

Studies show that when paired with an effectively designed learning experience, that whiteboards can help to increase engagement and achieve on task behavior rates of up to 80%. One key factor is that they provide a visual representation of ideas and concepts that can be easily understood, interpreted, and changed, unlike more text-based communication methods. Additionally, whiteboards can be used interactively to allow participants to build upon each other's ideas in real time, fostering creativity and innovation.

Though new digital technologies have made many things obsolete, it is not always the better solution when learning and communicating. We should take time to examine if there are older, more effective solutions available that sometimes cost less money.

How do teachers use whiteboards?

To understand how to best use whiteboards to aid in learning, it's important to consider how the experts, in this case, teachers, currently use them in the classroom. Best teaching practice includes writing out the intentions and success criteria of any given lesson on the whiteboard at the start of each class. This helps teachers and students to remain aligned in their objectives and goals, while also giving teachers a visual way to track student progress during the lesson itself.

Additionally, many teachers use whiteboards to:

  • Lead discussions 
  • Model their thinking
  • Set and explain activities 
  • Solve problems and provide answers -  This is particularly useful in subjects such as science and math, where visual representations can help to clarify concepts and make the learning process more engaging.

Why are whiteboard good for students?

One key benefit of whiteboards is that they enable students and teachers to quickly share ideas with one another, which can help facilitate more open communication and collaboration. Furthermore, the large size of whiteboards makes it easy for small groups of students to collaborate and brainstorm together in real time.

In addition, whiteboards can help provide a permanent record of student learning when the educator takes a simple photo of the board. Once this is uploaded to an LMS (Learning Management System)the information can be used later for review or assessment purposes. This can help teachers track the progress and knowledge acquisition of individual students over time, as well as identify areas that may need further attention.

How do you study with a whiteboard?

To study effectively with a whiteboard, it is important to establish clear learning goals and expectations prior to beginning your study session. This can include making note of key concepts or ideas that you want to focus on, as well as identifying any areas where you may need more practice or support.

Students can also use personal whiteboards as a space to take notes or brainstorm new ideas and concepts, either by themselves or as part of a study group.

How much does a whiteboard cost?

If you are asking yourself, "Why are whiteboards so expensive?" you're asking the wrong question! Instead, you should be asking, "How can I not afford a whiteboard?"

Whiteboards are a surprisingly affordable addition to any home, workspace or classroom. Whether you want to increase your own productivity and engagement or facilitate more effective learning in the classroom or workspace, investing in one or more whiteboards is definitely worth considering.

Sable Flow is a new company that is bringing an innovative take on the traditional whiteboard to the market. At first glance, their Secret Whiteboard appears as stylish hanging print frames. But open it up to reveal a large magnetic whiteboard, and you'll soon see the revolutionary way this company has redesigned the humble whiteboard! 

Available in a range of sizes and pricing options, a Secret Whiteboard is perfect for brainstorming sessions, recording important life lessons, or simply adding a touch of practicality and style to your home or office. And because they're magnetic, they can double as a bulletin board for all your important notes and reminders. So if you're looking for an innovative way to keep track of your ideas, or just want to add a little bit of style to your space, the Secret Whiteboard is definitely worth checking out. Available in a range of sizes and colors, included art and magnetic accessories, the question most certainly is, “How can I get one before they run out?!”

What size whiteboard should I get?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question, as the size of your whiteboard will depend on a number of different factors such as your space requirements, budget, and intended usage. If you are limited on space, or just simply want to have your whiteboard “disappear” back into a piece of attractive home decor when not in use, why not invest in a Secret Whiteboard?

Available in a range of sizes from small to large, the Secret Whiteboard from Sable Flow offers the perfect solution for anyone who needs a dedicated space for brainstorming, creative thinking, or workspace collaboration. Whether you're a student who needs a place to record your genius ideas, a teacher who wants to create an interactive learning environment, or a business professional who wants to facilitate team-building and innovation, the Secret Whiteboards from Sable Flow have you covered

And the best thing is that it neatly folds back up, to once again become a hanging poster print when you’re finished. Talk about  the best of both worlds! 

What can I use to write on a whiteboard?

It is recommended that you only use dry erase markers on a whiteboard surface. Other types of markers can stain or damage your board, so it is essential to use only the correct writing implements for best results. 

How do you write neatly on a whiteboard?

The age-old question "How do you write neatly on a whiteboard?" is one that has plagued students and professionals alike for decades. However, there are several tips and tricks that can help you to improve your handwriting and become a more efficient whiteboard user.

  1. Use shorter, more controlled strokes when writing on a whiteboard. This will help you to keep your letters smaller and neater, as well as allowing you to more easily correct errors or add extra details to your notes. 
  2. Maintain good posture and hand positioning when writing on a whiteboard. This will help you to keep your strokes controlled, and can also prevent wrist or back pain from excess strain. 
  3. Regularly stand back and review your whiteboard notes, making any necessary changes or additions. This can help you to keep your writing tidy and legible while ensuring that you don't miss important information on your board. 
  4. And finally, practice! The more time you spend writing on a whiteboard, the more comfortable and confident you will become in this important skill.

Final thoughts

So, do whiteboards help learning? The answer is clearly yes - and they will continue to be an important part of how we learn both individually and collectively for many years to come.

The use of technology in the classroom has undergone radical transformation since the dawn of human civilization. From writing and drawing on cave walls and clay tablets to the invention of the printing press and beyond, technology has played an integral role in enabling us to share information and learn more efficiently. Today, with the rise of digital technologies like computers, tablets, and smartphones, many educators have returned to using the tried and true medium of the whiteboard to engage students and facilitate learning. And, as many studies have shown, this is a great decision – whiteboards truly can help learning in a variety of ways.

There is no doubt that whiteboards play an essential role in helping learners and workers stay more focused and organized. Whether you are looking for a small whiteboard to use in your home office or classroom, or are considering investing in a larger board for a conference room or other professional setting, there are many benefits of whiteboards that make them an indispensable part of modern life.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it's important to have tools that can keep up with your needs. The Secret Whiteboards from Sable Flow are designed to do just that. With their sleek design and easy-to-use features, they are the perfect tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their brainstorming sessions. So what are you waiting for? Get one today and see for yourself how the Secret Whiteboards from Sable Flow can help you take your productivity to the next level.

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